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Gas prices are subject to multiple technical, market and political issues. You can follow natural gas pricing trends and the underlying issues with commentary by enrolling in Realgy Energy Service daily email. Its free and you can enroll under Online Reports.

Technical issues include: the number and type of natural gas rigs in production, the transportation of natural gas through the interstate pipelines, regional pipelines and receipt points at the utility (gate stations) and the operating volume at storage fields.

Market issues include: influences such as weather (heating needs account for 60% of total natural gas demand), industrial demand (natural gas provides roughly 65% of industrial energy demand) and electricity production (natural gas supplies 30% of most peak energy demand).

Political issues include: US natural gas (energy) policy in addition, it can include other countries as well. Political turmoil in any major oil exporting country will influence world oil prices and thereby world LNG prices which will affect the price of the NYMEX in the United States and thereby local natural gas prices. Now, as much as ever, it is an interconnected and singular world-energy-market. An update on these factors can be reviewed at the US Energy Information Agency at the link below:

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Natural Gas Report
Actual and forecast of technical factors, including expert opinion, on the natural gas market.
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Daily NYMEX Report
Display the current NYMEX daily report.
Receive this report daily by email
NYMEX End-of-Day Pricing
Tabulation of the end-of-day NYMEX pricing for the 36 forward months.
The pricing can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel.
Customer Reports.
Analysis, billing summary and invoices.

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