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About Realgy Energy Services, LLC

Realgy, where energy is all about Price, Information and Service.™

Realgy Energy Services was founded by individuals who worked for many years with large utilities, energy service companies and energy marketers. Within these organizations they saw bureaucracy, the limitation of systems, software and in some cases poor management that prevented individuals from doing their job. They set about to be different, and still do.

We currently serve customers in the following Utility service territories

Commonwealth Edison
North Shore Gas
Peoples Gas
Citizens Gas
Consumers Energy
Michigan Gas Utilities (MGU)

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Connecticut Secretary of State
Illinois Secretary of State
Illinois Commerce Commission
Indiana Secretary of State
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
Michigan Secretary of State
Michigan Public Service Commission

Realgy, LLC (dba Realgy Energy Services) was formed in Connecticut in 1999. We are regestered to serve clients in the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan

Realgy’s Dunn and Bradstreet number is: DUNS #: 12-656-1641

Realgy is bonded and approved with capital commitments exceeding $40,000,000.

Credit and Customer references are available upon request; please Contact us for more information.

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