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What is Realgy Energy Services?
Realgy Energy Services (Realgy) is a third party wholesale energy supplier, which provides wholesale Natural Gas and Electricity to Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. For a full list of utilities by state, please visit our home page.
How much will I save by enrolling with Realgy Energy Services?
Although there is no formula to determine exactly how much you will save, some of our customers have seen a savings of up to 16% over a twelve-month period.
What is Realgy Energy Services ManagedPrice™
ManagedPric™ utilizes a blend of fixed, spot and index pricing to obtain the best overall pricing. This requires more time, attention, and expertise. This is the management difference you enjoy with the Realgy CHOICE program. We aim to be below the utilities’ cost over any twelve-month period.
I just enrolled with Realgy Energy Services, what can I expect?
After enrolling with Realgy you can expect to receive:

Welcome Email, if you provided an email address at the time of enrollment. Please note that our privacy policy requires that your email address be used only for communications about your service with us.

Welcome Letter by mail within two weeks, along with a copy of the Sales Agreement which is the terms and conditions of your contract.

Notice from your Utility informing you of the change to a CHOICE supplier along with a date when you can expect the change to take place. You will start to see your new lower monthly rates in 0-60 days, depending on your Utility.
Where is my Welcome Letter?
If it has been longer than two weeks and you still have not received your Welcome Letter, please contact Customer Service at (877)-300-6747.
Do I have a contract?
When you signed up for Realgy over the phone, you verbally signed an Electronic Service Agreement or TPV, so you do have a contract. The Electronic Service Agreement or TPV is recorded and saved as a voice file, and is a legally binding contract.

If you did not go through the Electronic Service Agreement, you most likely have a paper contact that you signed and then returned to Realgy.

All the terms and conditions of your contract are spelled out in the Sales Agreement that arrived in the mail with your Realgy Welcome Letter. This Sales Agreement is your copy of the contract for your records with no need to sign or send it back to Realgy.
How long is my contract?
All Realgy Natural Gas and Electric contracts are for twenty-four months to the next April billing, unless otherwise shown in your agreement.

Your contract will automatically renew for another twelve-month period if we do not hear from you prior to April 1. Michigan contracts do not automatically renew.

For example, if you sign up for Realgy on June 1, 2011, your contact will be until April 1, 2014, thus comprised of twenty-four months to June 1, 2013 and then to the next April which would be April 1, 2014.
Am I on a fixed rate?
Every new client will be enrolled with a variable rate, which means it changes every month. Realgy offers fixed prices for 1-36 months, and there is no charge to switch to a fixed-price agreement.

If you have not signed and returned the Fixed-Price Amendment or responded to a PriceWatch™ notice (in either case you would have received an email notification of acceptance), then you are being served on a variable rate.
What is Realgy Energy Services PriceWatch™
Realgy offers our customers our exclusive and free PriceWatch™ service. We are constantly monitoring the energy market and purchasing energy in order to ensure that our customers receive low variable monthly rates.

When the conditions favor a fixed price, PriceWatch™ will send a recommendation to move to a fixed price for the next season or for up to 12 months.

PriceWatch™ is voluntary and requires your acceptance and confirmation.

What is RealgyOffice™
RealgyOffice™ is a free online tool that allows you to view your Realgy Account Summary online at your convenience.

RealgyOffice™ allows you to access your Realgy Account information quickly and conveniently, and includes your usage history as well as storage history and price per therm since enrolling with Realgy.
What is Natural Gas Storage?
Natural Gas Storage is the service of purchasing a percentage of your annual gas usage during the summer months and storing it. This stored gas is then delivered to you during the winter months. That is why we call it “winter gas at summer prices.”

Realgy Energy Services’ Storage Program is a cost-effective way to hedge your winter Natural Gas use. For example, if the storage amount is 20% then Realgy Energy Services will purchase approximately 20% of the annual Natural Gas usage during the months of April, May, June, July, August, September and October. For each of these seven months we will buy 2.85% more gas than you use, at the low spring and summer variable rates.

Then during the 5 winter months of November, December, January, February, and March, this stored Natural Gas will be withdrawn and delivered to you. Since you have already purchased this Natural Gas during the seven spring and summer months, you will see an even greater savings during the winter months.

Realgy offers this storage program whenever we can. If your Utility allows Realgy to offer a storage program, it will be listed in our Service Plan table.

Realgy Energy Services’ Storage Program is just one more way we help our customers save money on their energy usage.

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