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Service Areas/Service Plans

Realgy Service Areas

State Service Utility
Illinois Electric COMED
Natural Gas NICOR Gas
Natural Gas Peoples Gas
Natural Gas North Shore Gas
Indiana Natural Gas Citizen
Natural Gas NIPSCO
Michigan Natural Gas Consumers
Natural Gas MichCon/DTE
Natural Gas Michigan Gas Utilities (MGU)
Natural Gas SEMCO

Service Plan Features

Billing Options
Each utility will provide billing services for Realgy Energy Services.
Customer Service
We are here to ensure your energy is delivered and assist you with any questions or strategies regarding energy purchases.
Exclusive Customer Services
Our Service Partners have special saving offers only available through Realgy Energy Services.
Guaranteed Lowest Price
We guarantee to beat or match any comparable competitor proposal for your burner-tip service.
We'll provide it, right now. No going back and forth or hiding what affects the price. The most accurate and useful information for you to buy your energy. Any questions? We are here to answer your questions. Please visit our Customer Service center.
Invoice or Report Options
Select the level or detail or analysis you would like to receive. Your storage report option is independent of your billing selection.
On-line account management
Complete online account management enables you to review your account status, energy consumption history and request a change your Natural Gas Service Choice anytime, anywhere.
Privacy Guarantee
We do not make your information available without your permission.
Service Guarantee
Its simple; we deliver your energy at the price agreed upon.
Straightforward language
No hidden meaning in our contract. No hidden costs. No hidden notice requirements. No hidden right to serve you electricity or other services.
Zero switching costs
There is no cost to you to switch among Realgy Energy Services Natural Gas Service Plans
No cancelation fee
Provide notice prior to your Agreement's renewal date and your Agreement will end without any fee.

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