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Transporting gas is about more than just buying "the lowest price". The lowest price depends on what you are comparing the price against—last year, your budget, the monthly spot market, or a non-transport LDC tariff. Transporting gas involves the best combination of competitive price and price options, reliable supply, energy education, and customer service. These non-price issues are just as important as price.

Realgy Energy Services prides itself in creative pricing solutions that align your usage with the market options thereby increasing your profitability and cash flow. Pricing options include:

Service Plan Options  
PriceWatch™ Service Options
ManagedPrice™ Base/Swing Pricing
Guaranteed Savings™ Basis Pricing
Fixed Pricing Options (ceiling, floors, costless collars, etc.)
Index Pricing Trigger Pricing

All Service Plans are not available in all markets

Q Do you want to set a natural budget and actually manage it?
A: Use our exclusive Energy PriceWatch™
Q Which Service Plan is for You?
A: Use our exclusive Energy Decision Maker™ to help.

Common Features amongst our Service Plans

A Realgy Energy Services Service Plan allows you to choose how to purchase your business' energy needs. Every Service Plan allows a choice of common features and benefits. Below is a list of the Common features:

  • Real-time pricing available on the widest selection of Service Plans
  • Contract terms available in monthly increments beginning with one year and up to five years in many locations
  • Ability to purchase on-line and always through your Account Broker
  • The ability to customize your Service Plan with your choice of bill payment, storage r eport delivery, informational reports and promotional offers
  • All Realgy Energy Services customers have the option of receiving email subscription services
  • Energy Decision Maker™ walks you through selecting the best pricing option and term of contract for your business
  • Reliability and Quality guarantees The convenience of up-to-date pricing from all registered energy suppliers in your market
  • Energy price comparison for each Service Plan

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