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Realgy Energy Services will save your company money on its energy purchase year-in and year-out. By using RealgyOffice™, you will be able to stay informed on your energy decisions that will position your company's success and increase your bottom line!



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My RealgyOffice™ allows you to access your account information quickly and conveniently. Selectable security controls permit your company to authorize access to specific individuals with a company issued password. RealgyOffice™ includes the following reports and information available whenever you need them:

  • Payment history
  • Usage history and weather normalized history
  • Proposal analysis
  • Best rate analysis
  • Bill verification, audit
  • Rate monitoring
  • Energy choice - A comparison table of how each proposal option performed over the contract term.

My RealgyOffice™ will not replace our customer service or your Account Manger. However, it will allow for immediate access and distribution of information.

For an example of how RealgyOffice™ can be used to keep your company successful, please contact your Account Manager.

If you are a current customer and have not received or have lost your login information, please email us at support@realgy.com. Please provide your Business Name and Contact Information.


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