Energy Users
Realgy's services provide efficiency for energy suppliers to deliver their commodities. For energy consumers that means lower prices, more energy purchasing choices and greater control. Realgy offers energy users the convenience of minimizing the repetitive and time consuming tasks associated with energy transactions such as data handling. Our services allow energy users to focus their time and attention on making an informed energy purchase.
How many facilities do you represent or purchase energy for?
If you receive E-mail from your energy supplier or marketer, how would you categorize the E-mail messages you receive? (Check all that apply) Generally helpful
Product sales pitch
Market sensitive, designed to help make an energy purchase decision
Deliver of requested information
Are energy purchases currently a local purchasing decision?
How do you track the performance of each facilities energy purchase?
Would you like to receive natural gas proposals for all your facilities from a single source (not a single supplier)?
Would you like to purchase your natural gas from the supplier you are currently using?
How many natural gas LDC do you have facilities behind?
How many energy marketers do you use?
Do you receive natural gas purchasing options or Service Plans for each Facility?
Do you receive a 'Best Rate' service analysis for each of your facilities in your natural gas proposal?
If you are part of an aggregator's pool or marketing effort do you have to share your savings with a broker or agent?
Do your competitors participate in the same aggregation pool?
Please list in order of priority? (1= most important) Low price
Guarantee of service, reliability
Qualified vendor of your company
Rankings/references from other customers
Consolidated billing
Ease of paperwork
Ease of data handling
Reduction of suppliers
Do you audit or analyze your invoice/billing for accuracy?
Have you undertaken an energy RFP for natural gas, electricity and/or energy services?
If yes, were the results favorable.
How much time do you spend on energy purchasing decisions each month?
Do you feel this time spent cost effective?

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