Energy Supplier
Realgy offers a variety of energy transaction services designed to improve the efficiency, accuracy and usability of energy companies delivering a natural gas service proposal to a customer.
How many proposals did your company generate last year (1999)?
How many proposals do you anticipate generating this year (2000)?
And, next year (2001)?
Will your natural gas sales proposals, now or in the future, include a value-added offering or be bundled with other products and services (including electricity)?
Is your natural gas proposal generation process compatible with or integrated with your suppliers, partners or sales channels?
Will your future proposals include the LDCs service options for your customer's tariff (balancing, metering, billing, firming service, etc.)?
If yes How will you incorporate the price for the LDC service options into your proposal?
How do currently maintain your tariff information? (Check all that apply) Internally, with spreadsheets
Outsourced, dedicated program
Each marketer creates own
Scheduling (operations) rely on LDC supplied information
Who uses your tariff information? (Check all that apply) Trading group
Account Manager/Executives
Sales Management
Trading group
Sales agents / channels
Marketing / planning
Is your tariff information scaleable to meet the needs of all departments?
Can you readily add new tariffs?
Can your tariff information support the analysis required to enter new markets (margins, market size, penetration rate, balancing limits, registration requirements, etc.)?
Can your collected tariff data be used in conjunction with your billing engine?
Which sales channels do you support (or plan to)? (Check all that apply) Company's web site
Company's Account Executive(s)
Bid based web sites
Energy portals
Authorized agent
Independent marketers
Company issued RFPs
Consultant issued RFPs
Aggregation agents
Cooperative purchasing programs
Of the sales channels you support rank them by profit generation (1= highest profit margin contribution, 11= the lowest) Company's web site
Company's Account Executive(s)
Bid based web sites
Energy portals
Authorized agent
Independent marketers
Company issued RFPs
Consultant issued RFPs
Aggregation agents
Cooperative purchasing programs
How do you currently track proposal activity? (Check all that apply) Each marketer submits report
Intranet based proposal generator collects the data
Each sales agent submits a report
Bulletin board system tracking of all proposals
No tracking of proposals
Only closed sales are reported
How up-to-date is your proposal tracking process? Available in real-time
Created weekly
Created monthly
Created quarterly
Not applicable
Who reviews or accesses your proposal tracking activity? (Check all that apply) Sales managers
Trading group
Operations (nominations and balancing)
Risk group
Credit department
Senior management
Sales channels
How many proposals are presented to a customer prior to a sale?
How many energy marketers does each energy trader support?
Are your sales channels given any discretion in their proposal pricing (within a tolerance band or above a minimum)?
How are the natural gas pricing parameters communicated to the sales channels? (Check all that apply) Email
Bid based exchange
Extranet or Internet
How much of the organization's time (sales channel, support, trading, management, etc.) is required to prepare each proposal?
How much of the organization's time (sales channel, support, trading, management, etc.) is required to process a sale (complete LDC paperwork, submit credit application, etc.)?
Are the sales channel capable of offering customers the chose of different purchasing options (i.e., quarantined savings, fixed price, NYMEX + basis, hedged)?
If yes, does each request require a trader's attention.
Can the sales agent provide value-added, bundled or LDC premium services (firming, balancing, telemetry, etc) in a natural gas proposal?
If yes, does each request require a trader's or an agent's attention.
How do you handle the LDCs requirements for verification and authentication?
How do you store the customer's proposal data (usage information, service address, cycle billing information, etc.)?
Do your customer request or ask questions such as (Check all that apply)? Are my accounts on the right ('best') sales and transportation tariff?
How do I know?
How else can I save money purchasing energy?
Can I receive an independent verification of the LDC and marketers cost projections?
Can you serve my facilities elsewhere?
As an energy marketer what are your principal activities? (check all that apply) Provide training/education to the customer.
Help customer make an informed energy purchase.
Present a variety of energy purchasing options and let the customer select the option that meets his savings criteria or risk tolerance.
Generate proposals for your customer after building a spreadsheet from the tariff document.
Completing the switching paperwork (LDC and internal).
Transfer the paperwork into the CRM system.
Create sales reports.
Do you educate a customer on alternate buying choices prior to quantifying the benefits of such a purchasing strategy.
Cold calling.
Analyze new markets.
As an energy trader what would be most beneficial to use? (Check all that apply) Up-to-date tariff information integrated into your pricing methodology for each LDC tariff
Ability to support all sales channels utilizing a common pricing structure
Ability to transfer energy pricing universally to support all the sales channels
Accuracy in LDC forecasts such as; retail margin, market size, percent penetration, etc.
Ability to incorporate the cost of each sales channel into the proposal's price
Automating the pricing of the majority of all sales proposals
Reduction in LDC switching paperwork rejections by the LDCs
The ability to sell natural gas anywhere in the USA.
What do you want to generate? (Check all that apply) Natural gas sales proposals
Value-added or bundled services sales proposal
Billing audits
Best tariff rate analysis
Defined purchasing options for a customer's energy needs
Bundled offer
Detailed burner-tip comparison
City gate prices
What software do you want your proposal, tariff information and LDC transaction documents to integrate with? (Check all that apply) CRM
Billing engine
Internet site
Supplier's site
Customer site
Trading software
Legacy systems
Do you offer each customer a choice of purchasing options with each proposal? (Check all that apply) The sales channel creates one choice
The sales channel presents one offer based upon a consultative meeting
The sales channel is a e-bid, requiring submitting of a price bid based upon the customer's requirements
The sales channel offers multiple but standardized purchasing options
Each sales channel offers varied purchasing options based upon geography (zip code or city gate zone), usage history or customer valuation.
How are your internal sales agent's (Account Executives) efforts directed?
Would your relationship allow you to serve additional facilities (even if your were not the physical provider) if your could consolidate their purchase?
Do you make use of email services with your customers?
Would you be interested in receiving a current LDC market valuation for each tariff (for use in mark-to-market valuation)?

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