Energy Portals
Realgy has created services or modules which can be incorporated into an energy portal to increase the efficiency of suppliers providing quotes, the ability to close an energy offer, sale and the ability to integrate bundled offers.
What does your site offer? (Check all that apply) Natural gas sales proposals
Value-added or bundled services sales proposal
Cycle or annualized billing audit
Best tariff rate analysis
Defined purchasing options for a customer's energy needs
Detailed burner-tip comparison
City gate prices
What is your business model? (Check all that apply) Aggregation agent
Auction site
Business to consumer portal
Business to business portal
Marketing agent (not a registered energy marketer)
Wholesale energy marketer (registered energy supplier)
Value-added/bundled services offerings
Retail product offering
Name brand energy supplier's are featured
Energy portal's energy brand is featured
Retail exchange
What is your Internet site
Which services might you want to incorporate? (Check all that apply) Identify the LDC by entering a customer zip code
Generate proposals utilizing standard profiles
Batch loading of customer usage data to generate proposals
Electronic presentation of all documents necessary to switch a customer
Pricing discretion by sales agents within tolerance bands
Value-added or bundled offers created based upon geography, usage profile or customer value.
Incorporate the LDC's verification and authentication into your proposal process
Have a library of LDC documents readily completed by referencing your customer's proposal information or existing database (CRM, legacy or equivalent)
Guarantee the accuracy of your burner-tip proposal
Provide third party verification of the LDCs billing
Provide a 'Best' analysis
Automatically establish sale pricing for all LDC tariff rates
Would your IT staff or vendor be interested in a software developer kit (SDK) for accessing the above listed tariff information?

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